Need of BUDDHA to the world

The Greatest inspiration in the world is Buddha.The only way to keep onself happy and calm is Buddha.The necessity of today’s life is to follow buddhas path only.Teacher is the greatest architecture of our life.Teacher can  make or destroy our it is very important to select our true life saver teacher.I called Buddha as life saver beacause he gives very right  path to make our life ideal.By following his thoughts and teaching  our community can be  happy  forever.It is truly said by buddha “What we think,we became“.The first requirement of our life is to learn how and exactlly what we have to think.Now a days we are creating lots of trouble because of greedy thoughts.Due to this the people who has everything are not happy in their life.They learnt only to make money and not to control their mind.So we can’t spoil the life which we got so luckily on this earth.



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