Indian Mathematician Anand Kumar’s great SUPER 30 programme

“The best part of being a teacher is that when your students grow up they will forget everything you thought them, but they will never forget you”.

The same kind of job is done by Anand Kumar of giving free tuitions for IIT-JEE to economically backward students.The poor student who can’t imagine joining IIT institutes because they don’t have a large amount of fees to pay.Their dream can come only true due to great efforts of Anand Kumar.

Who is Anand Kumar?

Anand Kumar an Indian mathematician and a columnist for various national and international mathematical journals and magazines.He is best known for his Super 30 programme, which he started in Patna, Bihar in 2002.


In 1992 ,Anand Kumar began teaching mathematics.Then he started his own institute Ramanujan School of Mathematics(RSM).The strength of students grew day by day by 2 to 500 in three years.In 2000, a poor student came to him seeking to coach for IIT-JEE, who couldn’t afford the annual admission fees due to poverty.There are lots of brilliant students who are from poor family and want to join institute like IIT.This incident motivated Anand Kumar to start the SUPER 30 PROGRAM which he started in Patna, Bihar in 2002.

Many students appear for the test, and eventually, he takes thirty intelligent students from economically backward sections, tutors them, and provides study materials and lodging for a year.He prepares them for the Joint Entrance examinations(JEE) and for the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT).His family members also support him. His mother, Jayanti Devi, cooks Food for the students and his brother Pranav Kumar takes care of the management.

Every year, Super 30 selects a group of 30 IIT aspirants from poor families and provides them with free coaching, food and accommodation.


Super 30 has so far sent 391 students to the IITs in its 15-year journey that started in 2002.T year wise result is given below.

2003-18 out of 30 students

2004-22 out of 30 students

2005-26 out of 30 students

2006-28 out of 30 students

2007-28 out of 30 students

2008-30 out of 30 students

2009-30 out of 30 students

2010-30 out of 30 students

2011-24 out of 30 students

2012-27 out of 30 students

2013-28 out of 30 students

2014-27 out of 30 students

2015-25 out of 30 students

2016-28 out of 30 students

2017-30 out of 30 students

Anand Kumar has no financial support for Super 30 from any government as well as private agencies and manages on the tuition fee he earns from the Ramanujan Institute.After the success of Super 30 and its growing popularity, he got many offers from the private – both national and international companies – as well as the government for financial help, but he always refused it. He wanted to sustain Super 30 through his own efforts Anand Kumar does not accept donation for the programme. His team creates the fund by organizing evening classes in Patna.


1.Anand Kumar is in the linca book of Records (2009) for his contribution in helping poor students pass the IIT-JEE by providing them free coaching.

2.Mathematician Anand Kumar’s  Super 30 school has been selected by  Time Magazine and is in the list of Best of Asia 2010.

3.Anand Kumar was awarded the S. Ramanujan  Award for 2010 by the Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (IRDS) in July 2010.

4.Newsweek Magazine has taken note of the initiative of mathematician Anand Kumar’s Super 30 and included his school in the list of four most innovative schools in the world.

5.Anand Kumar has been awarded by  the top award of Bihar government “Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Shiksha Puraskar” November 2010.

6.Anand Kumar  was awarded the Prof Yashwantrao Kelkar Yuva Purskar 2010 by   Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) in Banglore.

7.Anand Kumar has been selected by UK-based magazine Monocle among the list of 20 pioneering teachers of the world.He was also honored by the government of British Columbia, Canada.

8.Anand Kumar has been awarded by ‘Baroda Sun Life Achievement Award’ by Bank of Baroda in Mumbai.Anand Kumar was conferred this year’s prestigious Ramanujan Mathematics Award at the Eighth National Mathematics Convention at the function in Rajkot.

He Might achieve lots of awards for his extraordinary work but he has set the true inspiration to the world.


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