Don’t Focus on What you lost, Focus on What you have….


There is a natural human tendency to give excuses on the work which we feel it is tough or impossible.But it always seems impossible until it is done.

The biggest example to break making of  excuses is Karoly Takacs. The  hungarian person who dreamed to become the best shooter in the world ,who practiced for several years only dreamed to be the  best shooter in the world.

Unfortunately he loses his right hand in a grenade explosion but he never sat crying for his hand.He focused on his only hand.Because he wanted to make his dream come true.

he started to  train his left hand .The hand which shakes while writing and almost impossible to shooting.After one year he started participating in games.others were shocked seeing him there.he won each and every game.

He focused on Olympic games.he Olympic Games scheduled for 1940 and 1944 were cancelled due to the second world war, but Takács surprised the world by winning the gold medal at the 1948 summer olympic in London, aged 38 and became olympic hero. Fianally he made his dream come true and that was his only dream.

No one can stop you to achieve your goal.It depends on us how hungry we are towards our goal.Excuses saves us for doing hard work,but it never make us winner.The person who gives excuses is confirmed looser.



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